rapid test

The whole blood rapid cow pregnancy test kit for on farm and cow side testing
Ringbio cow pregnancy test kit for blood, serum and plasma testing
Dermatophytosis Rapid Testing in Cats and Dogs
Dermatophytosis is a superficial fungal infection of the skin and hair caused by pathogenic fungi called dermatophytes.
Comprehensive Dairy Milk Rapid Test Solutions from RINGBIO
RINGBIO as the pioneer and innovation company in the food safety industry is now providing full comprehensive rapid test kit solutions for dairy milk analysis.
Testing of avian influenza in cows
highly pathogenic avian influenza HPAI has been silently spreading in U.S. cattle for months.
Ringbio test kits for Newcastle disease virus testing
NDV testing is important for poultry industry, check here for Ringbio NDV test solutions
Ringbio releases the African swine fever p30 antigen test kit
The new kit is suitable for quick detection of early ASFV infections in plasma, serum and whole blood
Why there are quite few urine early pregnancy test kits for cow?
The real reason is that the hormones in urine is relatively quite low and can not be used for early pregnancy identification.
The Ringbio Accuplus MAT 5 test kit, the broad-spectrum milk inhibition test kit
The test kit can detect 34 kinds of antibiotics, including beta-lactams, sulfa drug, tetracyclines, etc.