NBReader Q3 mini, portable rapid test reader

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NBReader Q3 mini is a new Point-of-Care analyzing system. It is based on scanning the image of the test strip to produce digitalized data for all rapid tests.

RINGBIO NBReader® Q3 mini is an innovative new reading system for rapid test cards or test strips based on immunochromatography technology. With this reader, users can obtain rapidness, high sensitivity, repeatable detection and avoiding mistakes by visual interpretation.

Technical Data of NBReader Q3 mini

Item No. Parameters Specification
1 Weight 0.75 kg
2 Dimension 225mm×109mm×46mm
3 Power DC9V / 1.5A
4 Display 3.2 inch LCD
5 Printer

Blue tooth thermal printer
** external

The difference between NBReader Q3 and NBReader Q3 mini

  • NBReader Q3 system has automatic strip injection and rejection function, which is not installed in Q3 mini.
  • NBReader Q3 system has the built-in thermal printer, while Q3 mini does not have, which must be connected to an external printer for printing purposes.
  • NBReader Q3 supports mouse and keyboard operation, while Q3 mini only supports pen and fingertip touching.