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NBReader ELISA reader K3 Plus Microplate Photometer, Touch Screen ELISA Reader is an innovative new reading system for Enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA). It has built-in software and calculation function, which can be used in veterinary labs, vet clinics and food labs. Compared with other desktop ELISA readers, this device is more light-weight, and more portable.

Dedicated to measuring absorbance through microplate, K3 Plus uses an 8-channel vertical optical density detection concept. The 8-bit high-quality interference filter
wheel with a wavelength range of 400 to 750nm, the large 7inch coloured display, the flexible internal software and the excellent instrument performance provide great flexibility in a variety of diagnostic applications.

Main features of this NBReader ELISA reader

  • 7 inch colored touch screen
  • Superior fexibility and reliability
  • Excellent optical system
  • Extended memory measurement program
  • Practical and simple software

Technical data of NBReader ELISA reader

Item No. Parameters Specification
1 Weight 11kg
2 Dimension 140*420*320mm
3 Power 110-220V
4 Optical system QHT lamp, 8v/50w
5 Wavelength


6 Filter 405/450/492/630nm
7 Measure range 0 ~ 4.0A
8 Precision 0.0001 A
9 Linearity R2 >0.995

More information can be found in the ELISA reader flyer below. Please always feel free to contact us.

This ELISA reader system is applicable for all Ringbio ELISA Kits, including our food safety ELISA kits and livestock ELISA kits.



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