Classical Swine Fever Antibody ELISA Kit, CSF Ab ELISA

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Classical swine fever (CSF), also known as hog cholera, is a contagious viral disease of domestic and wild swine. It is caused by a virus of the genus Pestivirus of the family Flaviviridae, which is closely related to the viruses that cause bovine viral diarrhoea in cattle and border disease in sheep. There is only one serotype of CSF virus (CSFV). CSF is a disease listed by the OIE World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) Terrestrial Animal Health Code and must be reported to the OIE (OIE Terrestrial Animal Health Code).

CSF is now strictly controlled with vaccine. In some countries, this disease is already eradicated. To supervise the health condition of the herd, routine test of serum titer is required.

Key facts of this Classical Swine Fever Antibody ELISA Kit

  • Ready to use kits for farmers
  • No special instrument required
  • Only less than 60min to get the result
  • Low cost with high sensitivity

Performance of the Classical Swine Fever Antibody ELISA Kit

The kit is based on indirect enzyme linked immunoassay, to detect classical swine fever antibody in swine serum, which is rapid, accurate and easy-to-operate. 

Classical Swine Fever Antibody ELISA Kit Components

  • Microtiter Plate, 96wells
  • Negative Control
  • Positive Control
  • Enzyme Conjugate
  • TMB substrate
  • Sample buffer
  • Wash buffer
  • Stop solution

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