Mini incubator, heating block, microwell incubator

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This mini incubator, also known as a heating block, is an electricity-powered heating device for incubation of samples and testing during the dipstick or test card assays. It can support temperatures from room temperature to 100℃. The accuracy is 0.3℃. 

mini dry bath, mini incubator, heating block

This device has a built-in microcontroller that can be used to set the temperature, the incubation interval, etc. The heating block is made of metal, which can be replaced with several models to adapt the incubating tubes. 

It is light-weight, handy and portable, which is specially designed for use in the field. 

This heating block, mini incubator is working with all RINGBIO milk test kits.

Technical details of this mini incubator

  • Temperature: room temperature - 100℃
  • Heating time cost from room temp. to 100℃:  less than 15min
  • Temperature accuracy: 0.3℃
  • Temperature display accuracy: 0.1℃
  • Timing function: 0-999 H/M/S
  • Maximum Power: 48W / 60W
  • Cooling: nature air cooling
  • Weight: less than 1kg
  • Size: 153*110*96mm

Heating blocks models of the mini incubator 

M1 with 32 well positions is the standard block provided in the incubator package.

Heating blocks of the mini incubator

This incubator also has a freezing model, which can support temperatures from -10℃ to 100℃. Please contact us for more details.