Ringbio is a manufacturer of food and animal diagnostic kits certified to ISO9001, ISO13485, GMP and ISO 14001
Flexy Pet Rapid Test Kits for cat and dog disease testing
Jan 28, Beijing - Ringbio has launched a professional website petrapidtest.com to market our Flexy Pet Rapid Te
Comprehensive Dairy Milk Rapid Test Solutions from RINGBIO
RINGBIO as the pioneer and innovation company in the food safety industry is now providing full comprehensive rapid test kit solutions for dairy milk analysis.
Open cow determination in herd on day 28 post AI or breeding
Using Ringbio cow pregnancy rapid test kit to improve reproduction efficiency
Ringbio is participating in the ArabLab 2023
Welcome to visit us at Booth 951, Hall S1. Schedule a meeting in advance
Ringbio KangarooSci Aerobic Count Plate Certified by AOAC-RI
KangarooSci Aerobic Count Plate has been certified by the AOAC Research Institute
World Antimicrobial Awareness Week 2022 - Antimicrobials: Handle with Care
Being part of WAAW, Ringbio wish to contribute with our antibiotic rapid test kits.
World animal vaccination day at Ringbio
World Animal Vaccination Day is April 20, 2022. At Ringbio, we can't be more happy to celebrate this important day.