Chlorothalonil Rapid Test Kit



This Chlorothalonil Rapid Test Kit is to detect Chlorothalonil in milk. The detection time is 10min, and the detection limit meets EU MRL. For honey and other sample testing, please always contact us for help.

Chlorothalonil is a broad-spectrum organochloride pesticide. It is primarily used as a fungicide, bactericide, and nematicide, and has been reported to be effective on a wide range of vegetables and fruit crops. It is also used as a bactericide, nematocide, and mildew-preventing agent in paints.

 According to EU regulations and EU Pesticide Database, thus MRL is set at 0.01mg/kg for all products.

Key facts of the Chlorothalonil Rapid Test Kit

  • Ready to use kits for lab staff
  • No organic solvent required
  • Result visible in 10min
  • highly-specific to Chlorothalonil 

Detection Limit of the Chlorothalonil Rapid Test Kit

Please check the kit instruction for details. 

Chlorothalonil rapid test kit Components

  • Chlorothalonil Rapid Test Strip, 96pcs
  • Microwell reagent, 96wells
  • Plastic Pipette, 96pcs
  • Sample buffer, 25ml, 2 bottles - for honey

Materials required but not provided

  • Micropipette, 20-200ul

This product is applied to milk sample. For other samples like honey, vegetables and fruits, please contact us for help.

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