How to order

Ordering Ringbio products is very easy as 1-2-3. Briefly, just contact us for any info you need and then order as follows.

Before Order

Since all products on are produced for diagnostic or research purposes, it is better to contact us before any real order occurs. If you are not sure about the products, you can always contact us for help. To contact us or buy from us directly, you need to let us know your company/lab name, your phone number, your email, etc. To get a specific guide to your testing, you may also need to provide your testing purpose, so that our technicians are able to help you at our best effort. Currently, most of the products (95% or above) of the listed products on are already being validated both internally and externally, we are sure of the quality and performance in our assay systems. However, due to the different techniques used, and the different buffer systems, you may encounter problems, in this case, please contact us immediately for help.


Online payment is currently not directly supported in this website, we suggest you use bank transfer as the first choice in payment. However, if you face any problems proceeding with the payment, please contact us, we may also accept payment by Paypal. Ring Biotechnology Co Ltd is a legal entity under the law of the People ‘s Republic of China. We do export, payment, etc according to local regulations and law systems.

Your payment will be accepted after the bank has checked our submitted invoice and contract. We will inform you as soon as possible after the payment has been received in our bank. All your orders will be released only after we get this payment notice from our bank.

To avoid long waiting, we suggest clearing all questions before payment and to transfer correctly to our company bank account which will be provided on the proforma invoice.


Delivery of all products on is carried by DHL express, TNT express, FedEx, or air cargo. Preferably, DHL is used. In case you want to use your own courier, please inform us so that we will prepare documents related accordingly.

The time for different destinations will depend on DHL. Usually 3 -5 to Europea / USA, Japan, and Korea. 5-7 days to other locations. These time schedule does not include customs clearance in China and at the destination.

All products will be packed into carton boxes. We recommend shipping the product under room temperature and storing them at the proper temperature upon received. Usually, all products will be stable for 1 year after production.

The delivery charge is quoted per order when ordering from us. If you need assistance with delivery, please contact us by email to [email protected].

Technical Support

We provide online support via Skype, WhatsApp.  Offline support can be email, telephone, or face to face discussion when possible. If you encounter any problems using our products, please contact us immediately for help. Our professional technical support team will help you till everything is working properly as we describe on this website and our technical datasheet.